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Air Conditioning Services

Cars, Tractors, Farm machinery, Earthmovers, Trucks
bullet Leak test & Recharge
bullet Retrofit conversions to new gas (R134a)
bullet Ozone friendly
bullet Accredited and licensed
bullet Leak detection dye available
bullet Periodic system servicing
bullet Gas leak detection and repairs
bullet Refrigerant removal (decommissioning) service
bullet Performance evaluation
bullet Climate controlled systems
bullet Computer controlled systems
bullet Diagnosis and repairs
bullet Compressors and parts
bullet Fan motor repairs


In a perfect world your air conditioning system should not lose any gas, it's no different to your domestic refrigerator but a vehicle is a very harsh environment for an air conditioning system. Extreme heat, vibration, weather, damaging UV rays, road debris, rust and corrosion all play apart in its demise. Once a small amount of gas is lost the performance falls rapidly and it's particularly evident on a hot day. The loss of gas is also harmful to the system . You should regularly have the air conditioning systems serviced to reduce wear and tear on the components and help avoid potentially big repair bills.

The compressor is the heart of an air conditioning system. Compressors are much like little engines. Most of them have pistons, piston rings, a crank shaft, and bearings, just like a car engine. They need to have oil circulated through them to lubricate all the moving parts. This oil is mixed into and carried with the refrigerant. That is why running an air conditioner without any refrigerant is like running your cars engine without any oil.

We carry a range of common components in stock, such as fittings, driers, TX valves, compressors, and have hose making facilities in house.



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